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4 -22-2010- Another wave of March UFO sightings reported in Florida

4 -22-2010- Column: UFO spotted over Wal-Mart

4 -22-2010- Budleigh Salterton UFO sceptic baffled by strange lights and laughter

4 -22-2010- UFO research brings nice surprise

4 -20-2010- UFO Disclosure 2010: No Government Will Prevent It

4 -20-2010-
4 -20-2010- College physics teacher describes close encounter with silent triangle UFO

4 -20-2010-
4 -20-2010- NT UFO invasion finds home at ET museum

4 -20-2010-
4 -20-2010- Your Los Angeles- Do you believe in UFOs- »

4 -4-2010- 4 -20-2010- Coast UFO sightings rocketing

4 -4-210- 4 -4-2010- Proof at last- Daytime UFO filmed near power station in Kazakhstan

4 -4-2010- UFO video makes big news in China

4 -3-2010- Close encounter in the woods as 1979 UFO mystery is investigated again

4-3-2010- Orange lights latest UFO sighting?

4-3-2010- Earth- the Southern Star of the galaxy

4-3-2010- Amazing UFO That Comes Down And Lights Up

3-28-2010- Greek journalist of “Daily Telegraph” saw… UFO in Mykonos!

Do Aliens and UFO's Exist?

3-28-2010- Surveillance footage backs up UFO witnesses account, video

3-26-2010- NCCC crowd hears case for UFOs

3-26-2010- Second witness reported in UFO with 'claw' case

3-26-2010- UFO Activity Confirmed In Belleville Wisconsin Area

3-25-2010- UFO mothership releasing orbs filmed in Japan

3-25-2010- More UFOs reported along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida

3-25-2010- NCCC: UFO Researcher to Speak at NCCC

More UFO alien sightings revealed

3-24-2010- Sacramento UFO sightings on the rise?

3-24-2010- Bill Chalker, the Aussie X-Files agent who says the aliens have landed

3-24-2010- Dancing With Stars buzzing with Buzz Aldrin gave San Antonio interview about ...

2-12-2010- UFO stuns early risers

2-12-2010- UFO seen in Phear Park, Exmouth

2-11-2010- Possible UFO Over Van Alstyne, Texas

2-9-2010- US Government to Publish All Top Secret Files

2-9-2010- UFOs come to ETSU

2-8-2010- First Cast Members Confirmed for THE THING

2-7-2010- Revisiting the Roswell UFO Crash

2-7-2010- Awesome or Off-Putting- Flock of UFOs Filmed Over Acapulco

2-7-2010- Mystery “X” Stand For “X-traterrestrial” to Some Believers

2-4-2010- A UFO landing strip for Harbour Mille?

2-4-2010- Mysterious UFO baffles scientists

2-3-2010- Space UFO baffles boffins

2-2-2010- Pop goes UFO claims in Lake Saint Louis

2-2-2010- Pilot sees fiery UFOs in sky over Rugby

2-2-2010- UFO spotted

2-1-2010- UFO legislation, 'inner aliens,' and true belief

2-1-2010- Math proves alien life highly probable, contact unlikely

1-31-2010- Anyone see a UFO near Lake Saint Louis?

1-31-2010-  UFO Digest Spotlight On...Michael Cristol, UFOlogist

1-31 -2010- UFO Caught Over Ireland -- or California

1-31-2010- Three UFO Missiles Spotted and Filmed Over Newfoundland, Canada: Possible ...

1-29-2010- UFO files to be released by yet another country

1-29-2010- UFO's Spotted Over Brooklyn?

 1-24-2010- Mexico: Airbus A-320 Flies Near UFO

1-24-2010- Defence Force prepares UFO details

1-24 -2010- Fireman retires after 24 years

1-23-2010- UFO files to be released

1-21-2010- Newbury man sees large, silver UFO, but it quickly vanishes: Russell and ..

1-21-2010- Death of UFO expert unsolved

1-21-2010- Incredible UFO allegedly filmed above Montevideo, Uruguay

1-20-2010- Mystery remains over UFO expert found dead in sea

1-20-2010- Clear daytime UFO photo taken by South Korean student

1-20-2010- UFO filmed landing in Belgium

1-20-2010- Did Occultist William Oribello Truly Speak For The UFOs?

1-19-2010- UFO seen and photographed by police officer in Turkey

1-19-2010- Fleet of Three UFO In Moscow Filmed

1-19-2010- Intruiging UFO capture from Hungary surfaces


1-18 -2010- Astonishing UFO video from China comes to light

1-10-2010- UFO expert offers reward for Dulce Base photo, video

1-10-2010- Obama under pressure to reveal UFO and ET secrets

1-10-2010- Sky watchers seek the truth over new year New Malden UFOs

1-9--2010- Bulgarian Television reports UFO seen by hundreds, video

1-9--2010- Mountain State UFO Author Kyle Lovern to Appear on Coast to Coast AM on Jan. 14

1-8--2010- ROSWELL - Our Aliens are Our Neighbors

1-7--2010- UFO shock for former Radnorshire RAF man

1-7--2010- Belleville UFO Police Reports Analyzed

1-7--2010- 'Weird floating pyramid' in rescue video sparks UFO debate

1-6--2010- UFO filmed in Colombia, video

1-6--2010- Mass UFO sighting in France investigated and confirmed by police

1-5--2010- UFOs- Science Fiction or Reality-

1-5--2010- Buzz Aldrin told journalist he saw a UFO near the Moon

1-5--2010- Welwyn UFO sighting sparks interest in United States

1-5--2010- Aliens in China... Really-

1-5--2010- Witnesses reports UFO and EBE sighting in Italy

1-4--2010- UFOs sighted in Oldland Common

1-4--2010- UFO story of 2009

1-4--2010 - Texas couple near Stephensville watches triangle UFO under 300 feet

1-4--2010 - 'I saw 50-strong UFO formation over Eastfield'

1-3-2010 - Belleville Wisconsin Is The UFO Capitol Of Wisconsin

1-2-2010 - San Diegans Startled by Red Lights in the Sky

1-2-2010 - UFO fleet drops in for German New Year's Eve celebration-

1-2-2010 - Exclusive- Mystery 'UFOs' are Chinese party lights

1-2-2010 - Missionary In Papua New Guinea Recounts UFO Sigthing, 50 Years Ago

1-1-2010 - UFO-era a footnote to history

1-1-2010 - 'UFO' spotted over Bridlington on Christmas Day

1-1-2010 -
Alienating Aliens- Do Nukes Make Them Go Ballistic-


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